Catch Up Premium 2020 to 21

Covid 19 ‘Catch Up Funding

Full details of the Catch Up Funding can be found in the attached document : Catch Up Funding Action Plan St Mary's 2020 to 21.  This will be updated termly.  

The Government has made this funding available in recognition of the national lockdown and the impact it had on pupil learning during the phase of school closure in the academic year 2019 to 20.    The catch up premium is based on a per pupil basis at £80 per pupil.  The total amount was based on the previous year’s census information.   At St Mary’s we expect to receive £10,080 .

The spending of this money will be decided by schools in order to have the most impact in their unique setting. To support schools to make decisions the Education Endowment Foundation has a published a support guide with evidence based approaches to catch up all students. At St Mary’s we have used this document alongside other EEF publications as best practice information shared nationally and from within the CAST Trust.

The document below has been a guiding influence.


Spending at St Mary’s will be directed to :

Attainment for all by improving the quality of teaching for all via CPD and purchase of additional target resources.

Targeted academic support using teachers, teaching assistants, outside professionals including via the National Tutoring Programme

This target support is designed to enhance first wave, second and third wave quality teaching at St Mary’s.