Home learning week beginning 1st June 2020

Dear Eagles,
We hope you enjoyed the amazing sunshine over half term.
From the 1st June, Year 6 will be back in Class whilst Year 5 will remain at home. We have very mixed emotions as we are pleased and excited to welcome Year 6 back but disappointed not to see Year 5.  However, we will all work to make the best of this as we support the nation's journey out of lockdown.  We do keep saying this to you but we are all making history right now.  In future years when you are an adult and maybe a parent and grandparent, children will learn about this in school and be asking you what it was like. 
So Year 5, we have sent you some times table learning in the post this week.  Some of you are working very hard at school tasks but we do know that some of you are beginning to find ways out of your learning and saying "I'll do it later or tomorrow".   Do you know that tomorrow never comes.. think about it.
On Monday, review which times tables you know.  When we say that you know we mean that you have a good accuracy and speed and that you know the multiplication and division facts.  Then set yourself a target and work on new times table each day.  On Friday, check what you know and re-set your self a target. 
You can use the resources we have sent you and add in any other activities to help your times table leaning, including TT Rock Stars. 
We have also sent you two reading comprehension tasks to complete.
This week, complete the times table work and the reading comprehension tasks.  We are asking your parents to keep these completed pieces and to return them to us later this term. 
In addition you will find more learning that you can select from in this weeks resources or have a look at previous weeks work you have not had a chance to complete. 
It is time to really aim high.   We do know that some of you have worked very hard during lockdown and we now need all of you to find your focus and support the lockdown plan.  
Sending you all best wishes. We will be thinking of you this week.
Mrs Bray and Mrs Gill