Eagle Class

Eagles class had great fun and worked really well in teams during our Orienteering day at Offwell woods on 24th June. Please take a look at the photos!
Author visit - Anthea Simmons, author of "Lightning Mary"
The year 6 children have had excellent start to each morning this week with their shared breakfast. All adults have noted their lovely sense of responsibility and cooperation as they have shared and enjoyed a range of nourishing breakfast food. The children and ourselves have been so pleased that all of their hard work resulted in them showing confidence and resilience during their SAT week. 
The week was beautifully rounded off by a day creating (and eating!) wonderful waffle feasts. We have recorded our recipes and are hoping to create a recipe book to share with the new local community waffle house here in Axminster.
In PE this week we have looked at creating routines which include; sharp angles, inversions, a show of strength, turning through a transition, flexibility and balance. 
We will upload more videos as our skills progress. 
We hope you enjoy!
After conducting a thorough scientific investigation into the ingredients needed to create the best volcanic explosion, we were able to successfully explode our salt dough creations!
Please click the link below to practice some wonderful free maths games!
We have started this term to look at explanation texts and are learning a Wallace and Gromit Cracking Contraption. Watch this space for some examples of our wonderful writing.
Some videos are available at the bottom if you wish to watch more Wallace and Gromit Cracking Contraptions!
Eagles have been very busy working together to create their own amazing cakes. After wonderful team work, we all got to try their delicious creations. Luckily, there was only one cake where salt was used instead of sugar; even that cake was moist and beautifully baked. The cakes were quickly devoured by the class and stood little chance of making it home. We have included the recipes to the link in case anyone wants to try recreate them. 
As part of our mountain topic we have also researched and made volcanoes. Being so busy at the end of the day, we did not have time to explode them, having spent an interesting science lesson investigating the best way to do so. However, we will make sure this is done early next term and photos will be uploaded for you to see.
Well done Eagle class for an amazing first term. We are so proud of all you have achieved! Have a wonderful Christmas.
On Tuesday 20th November, a Team of Year 5 and 6 students competed in an Athletics festival at Axe Valley Community College; results are not yet in but everyone competed to the best of their ability and showed great sporting behaviour.