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St Mary’s Governing Body

St Mary’s Governing Body is a positive and deeply committed group of parishioners, parents and staff. 

Supporting the school with energy and determination, through a time of turbulence and change, the Governing Body has been a source of continuity and support.

Following on going external review, alongside direction and support from Plymouth CAST, the Governing Body is responding to the request to be a source of encouragement and information but also of challenge to ensure that the children and families of St Mary’s receive the education they deserve.

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We were very proud to agree to join all Catholic school in the Diocese of Plymouth in our shared vision of being a community of schools with God at the centre; schools where everyone who is part of the community can feel valued and respected. 

There are 35 schools in the MAT. All of our schools seek to provide excellent education, pastoral care and spiritual formation for all the children and adults who make up the communities of our schools.

Plymouth CAST is committed to our Catholic mission while contributing to support education in the South West, working with other schools and learning networks to serve the Common Good.

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