Home learning week beginning 1June

Hello Kestrels!
I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over half term. I'm feeling quite sad that we were not one of the year groups chosen to be back in school but pleased that you are all staying safe at home.
I have put the English, Maths and Topic tasks in the links below. I hope that you will be creative as you compete them!
Timestables - keep on going!!!! 
Spellings - Year 4's I hope you have mastered most of the spellings that you had left to learn. Year 3's get as far through the sheet as you can. I have made a FUN spelling challenge for you to try if you think you know lots of the words. Only use the clue sheet if you need to!!!
Reading - Keep up the fantastic reading on BugClub - remember to click on the bugs to answer the questions or it looks to me as if you haven't finished reading the book - has anyone completed their sticker book yet?
English -I have put on the next few chapters of Krindlekrax, just like last time, please read the tasks before you read the chapters.
Maths - This week we are focusing on length - lots of practical ideas and activities for you to do.
Keep smiling, Keep safe and I will try and phone you either this week or next week.
Mrs Fudger