Owl Class - Home Learning 20th July 2020

Owls...We have finally reached the last few days of term :)
What an extraordinary time for all of us!  Thank you for all your hard work and support to get to this final stage!
I have included some links to websites and some transition activities that you may enjoy.
Over the last year, each of you have created many school memories that you will cherish forever. Capture these memories in a fun way by creating a ​‘​Memory Jar​’. ​Using coloured paper ask draw or write down your favourite memories. You can use different colours to show different categories of memory e.g. blue for friendship, yellow for teachers, red for favourite lessons, green for school trips. Use a jam jar or a plastic bottle to collect your memories; you could even personalise your jar with a decoration.
​Read or listen to the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ ​story below​.​ ​Talk about how Gerald the giraffe showed determination when trying to achieve his goals.​  What would you like to achieve next year?  e.g. ‘to improve my handwriting’, ‘count in threes’ or ‘to read everyday'. After this, choose 5 things from the list which you would like to achieve during your next school year.  Create a picture to show this to remind you of your goal like Gerald.
Thank you for your continued support,
Have a lovely summer holiday and best wishes,
Miss Burnell :)