Owl Class - Home Learning 1st June 2020

Welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed the fantastic weather that we had over half-term and enjoyed time with your family.
This half term we will be focussing on the weather and how this differs around the world depending on where countries are and how plants grow and what they need.
Home-learning for this week:
- Keep practising your tables.  Do this in practical ways as well as logging onto TTRS.
- Choose which activities you would like to do.  This week is working with dice however you can make a spinner if you don't have one.  Details of how to do so is included below.
-Continue with Bug Club and reading books from home.
-Look at the common exception words and group them together - put words with similar sounds and patterns together to help you memorise and learn them.
-Access other spelling programmes from previous weeks to learn these in a variety of ways.
- Enjoy listening to 'The Cloud-Spotter' by Tom Mclaughlin.  This is our new book and Franklin enjoys cloud spotting!
-Complete a character profile about Franklin, the cloudspotter.  Template added below.
-Cloudspotter is a compound word.  Can you think of any more?  Watch the BBC bitesize video to get some ideas.
-How do plants reproduce?  What important part do bees play in making new seeds?  Take a look at the activity sheet below.  Work can be completed in your books if you don't have a printer.  I have seen lots of bees in my garden and it lead me to discover that there are lots of types of bees!
-Franklin enjoys cloud spotting and sees lots of interesting shapes in the sky!  What do you see?  Take a look at the picture below of a unicorn in the sky.  Take some pictures of some interesting shapes and share these on the Facebook page or email them to school via the office so that I can make a collage of them all.  You could make a collage yourself using a photo app on your device.
-Take a look at the Wildlife Trust activities.  Throughout June, people are taking part in the annual nature challenge.  Do one wild thing throughout the whole month for your health, wellbeing and the planet.  Resources are attached below.
Have a good week and I hope to speak to you soon,
Miss Burnell