Owl Class

Owls Class read the book 'Leon and the Place Between' by Graham Baker-Smith.
Owls class then listened to Beethoven's 5th Symphony and imagined where the music might take them.
These stories were written by pupils in Owls Class.

Where the music took me.

I was in my bedroom lying on my bed feeling very grumpy because I had been sent to my room for kicking my brother. I looked at the crack on my bedroom wall.

I turned my music on by plugging my music stick into my phone then some music came on that I have never heard before. I closed my eyes and imagined.

Up jumped a sparkly blue dolphin from the shiny sea, it was amazing. I saw a crystal starfish sitting next to patterned shells. Seaweed was floating gently on the golden fish. Swirly corals were in the sea too, they had dots and stripes on. There was a crystal cave with sparkles that shone so brightly.

The music ended so I woke up and found myself back in my bedroom. Mum was calling me to come downstairs for dinner.

Where the music took me.

I sat bored and upset on my bed. It was raining heavily outside so I couldn’t play outside with my younger sister. My bedroom had nothing interesting in it except the bare white wall because we had just moved in.

I glanced sideways at my Dad’s old fashioned music box. Sighing heavily I turned it on. I closed my eyes. All of a sudden I was plunged into a strange sapphire blue world. I soon realised I was underwater, what a sight met my eyes!

In the strange sapphire blue world, dashing dancing dolphins danced gracefully with their silver sparkling fins flapping in the strong current. Enormous whales sang their sweet song around the ocean. Cheerfully, clownfish swam past happily with smiles on their faces, following one another. Jolly jellyfish joyously danced a small jig. Colourful coral reefs sparkled in the water. Small silly fish giggled foolishly as their parents hushed them. Elegant electric eels enthusiastically showed off their electric sparks. POUF! BANG!

In a flash, I felt myself shooting faster than a bullet towards the shiny surface. Before I knew it, I found myself back in my bedroom. Had I been dreaming? No one knows. Although I was still bored I had had a brilliant adventure.