School Council

School Council members are voted by our pupils. There are two representatives from each year group. 

During the last week of September we have a round of nominations and hustings in each class. Our Council members are important representatives for all of our pupils. 

The School Council meet weekly and have had a very busy Spring Term collecting information from pupils as well as preparing assemblies and information days. 

Activities from Spring Term have included : helping gather pupil views on what works well and what could be improved. From this we have introduced new play equipment for lunchtimes. Next term this equipment will be reviewed with all pupils and from this more will be purchased from a PTFA bursary. 

Researching and preparing Safer Internet Workshops for all pupils.

Researching and finding out about Fair trade to contribute to assemblies and workshops.

School Councillors give their time to help make our school a better place. They are all excellent role models for all pupils.