The School Day

Structure of the school day.

Hours: 9am-3.30pm

8.50am Children begin to arrive at school. A member of staff will be on the playground to supervise children from this time.

9.00am Our school day begins when a bell is rung and children line up on the playground. Teachers are on the playground to greet the children and parents. This is a good time to mention to staff anything that might affect the child’s work in school that day (eg a sleepless night).
Each year group follows a carefully planned timetable ensuring well balanced coverage of the curriculum. (Visit the Curriculum page for details.)

9.05am  Registration.


9.15-9.40 Guided Reading and / or Spellings

9.40am -10.25 Session 1. This is usually a Literacy or Numeracy session


10.25-10.40 Assembly (except on Friday when Celebration Assembly is at 3pm)

10.40am – 10.55am Break time. Key Stage 1 and Early Years have fruit provided free of charge. Key Stage   2 may bring some fruit from home to eat at this time.

11am – 12.15am Session 2. This is usually a Literacy or Numeracy session

12.15pm – 1.15pm Lunchtime. Lunch is served in 2 sittings. Key Stage 1 eat first at 12.15pm and Key Stage 2 eat at 12.45pm. Children can either have a cooked meal or bring their own packed lunch. Some children have hot meals only on certain days of the week.
Whilst the other half of the school eat the remaining children play either on the playground, or in good weather on one of our 2 fabulous school fields. We employ a special lunch time assistant to organise games and activities, and some of our older children help to organise games for the younger ones.

1.15pm Afternoon session begins. (Key Stage 1 have a short break at some point in the afternoon. The timing of this will depend on the activities taking place).

3.30pm Home time. Children are brought onto the playground for parents to collect them from their class teacher.
For clubs and after school activities visit the Clubs Timetable page.