The School Day

Structure of the school day.

Hours: 9am-3.30pm

8.45am Children begin to arrive at school. A member of staff will be at the gate and children can go through to their classrooms.

8.55am Classroom  doors are closed at this time . Children need to go through the front entrance and directly to class.

9.00am   Registers close. After this time, children will receive a late mark.

 Each year group follows a carefully planned timetable ensuring well balanced coverage of the curriculum. (Visit the Curriculum page for details.)

9am to 12.15 (KS! and EYFS)   12.30 KS2

Lessons and a 15 minute break. There is a whole school liturgy on Monday at 10.30 am and Praise and Worship on Tuesday at 9.00am.

On Wednesday and Thursday at 10.30am classes have an assembly focus either in their own class or with others across the school. 

 12.15pm – 1.15pm Lunchtime. We have two sittings. Key Stage 1 eat first at 12.15pm and Key Stage 2 eat at 12.45pm. Children can either have a cooked meal or bring their own packed lunch. Hot lunch is ordered and paid remotely by parents through parent pay. This means children can make a daily choice for their lunch. Whilst the other half of the school eat the remaining children play either on the playground, or in good weather on one of our 2 fabulous school fields. We employ an adult play leader who works alongside our year 6 play leaders in planning activities and games. 

1.15pm/ 1.30 pm  Afternoon session begins. (Key Stage 1 have a short break at some point in the afternoon. The timing of this will depend on the activities taking place).

Friday 3.00 p.m.: Celebration assembly to which parents are invited.

3.30pm Home time. Children are brought onto the front playground for parents to collect them from their class teacher.
For clubs and after school activities visit the Clubs Timetable page.