Times Tables Rock Stars links and battles updates

Times Tables Rock Stars
Number 7 out of all nearby schools!!!!
We have improved our time to 4.6 seconds!!!!
We are only 1 second away from 3rd place. Let's see if we can do it this week!
This week our top ten are:
Jaiden Martin 
Alfie Bird
Freddie Donnan
James Duerden
Emanuela Ndi Mallet 
Poppy Walsh
Daniel Duerden
Giles Burrough
Joe Pearse
Millie Edwards
Super Work!
We will commence our return after half term with a battle against: year 5 and 6, year 3 and 4, and year 2 and 1. 
Get rocking! 
Making Multiplication Memorable!
Why not try combining song and movement with learning your times tables facts? Below we have attached a link to BBC Super Movers and their times tables page. Choose a times table you wish to practise and get moving. Is there a better way to get some exercise and learn at the same time?
Scottish 8 Times Table with Filbert Fox - BBC Sport