Week 1 Monday 23rd March 2020

This is a most extraordinary time in British history. There is no living person who has experienced what our children are about to experience.  
We are asking our older children to keep a diary of this time and have shared with them the dairy of Anne Frank and My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright. Both of these are much more in the style of a scrapbook with clippings, drawings and photos. 
If you can encourage them to keep up a diary it will be a genuine piece of living history.
Every pupil in Year 1 to 6 has been given resources to help their learning at home this week. Some of these activities can be completed on their own, others can be completed with you or other members of your household.
Please remember that children have individual log ins for times table rock stars.
Please try to give time each day when your child is expected to complete some of this work. 
Robin Class have been given reading books and will be given resources for maths and English. They have all been so excited in recent weeks to have a go at writing. Please encourage them to continue to enjoy their writing. Robin class can record any learning on Tapestry. Mrs Burough will be able to set tasks via Tapestry so please continue to access this.
Please do make use of the links below to offer your child age appropriate electronic learning.
We also recognise that learning does happen in many different ways. This week could be an opportunity to really improve your child's skipping skills. At all ages this is an excellent all round physical exercise, perhaps you could join in too.
Learning to bake a cake, planning and making a sandwich, gardening, learning a song or poem off by heart, taking more responsibility to look after a pet.....the list of activities that can open up learning is very long. 
What is important in this phase is that you can support the world wide recovery from this virus by adhering to the social distancing and isolating guidelines as well as by ensuring that hands are washed regularly. Do what you can in this phase to find a balance of routines that helps to keep you and your child feeling secure and happy. 
If it helps there are some suggestions for how to create a workable timetable below. 
We are building a new teacher, parent, pupil, home and school partnership. 
If, as people are suggesting, this situation continues, we will be providing more ways to develop children's learning for the weeks after the Easter break. 
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