Autumn term 1

A very warm welcome to Woodpecker's. Here is a curriculum overview of what we are learning this half term
In computing we have been exploring using the programme 'paintz'. The children have been exploring how to create the artwork in the style of different artists. Here is their work based on Mondrian:
We then looked at the artist Kandinsky.
They then had a go at creating a piece from Matisse.
The children have really enjoyed going to forest school with Mrs Foley. All of the activities they have been doing have linked to our writing topic of 'The Three Little Pigs' 
In our writing lessons we have been learning about poems. We have learnt a range of poems but are mainly focussing on Kenning poems. We wrote this one as a class... Can you guess who it is about? 

Who am I?

Happy player

Face drawer

Paper painter

Lunchtime eater

Book reader

Forest explorer

Loud singer

Shining leader

Fast runner

Neat writer

Story teller

Amazing learner!

In computing we have used all the skills that we have learnt so far and created a piece in the style of George Seurat’s pointillism.  
Attached are some of the poems that the children have written based on ones we have studied. Can you guess what the poems are about? 
We performed our poems to the class today. Everyone had a go and read beautifully; some even included some actions to their poems. 
We have been learning how to draw our self-portraits. Can you guess who we are?