Colyton Maths Challenge

11th November 2022
Colyton Maths Challenge
Four year 5 children were invited to take part in a maths day at Colyton Grammar School. They explained what they have done.
In the morning we listened to a talk from 'The Mound' in Scotland about the history of money. We looked at samples and had to guess what they were, it was surprising to discover that the oldest form of money was a type of shell!
 In the afternoon we worked in groups with other schools to try and solve a number of maths challenges that would give a code to open a door. Once opened we had a final challenge to solve that led to a key for the treasure box. 
Shannon said, "It was fun because we got to try different types of maths." 
Harry said, "The puzzles in the afternoon were challenging and fun." 
Amelie said, "I enjoyed the final challenge to fins the key." 
Ben said, " I enjoyed the fact I had to use my brain to solve the challenges."