Dance Festival

23rd January 2019

Robin Class took part in Axe Valley’s dance festival on Wednesday 23rd January.


The Dance was inspired by the book giraffes can’t dance.

The children responded and reacted to music and stories by exploring space, levels and rhythm.


The children used set motifs and developed them in their own groups so they were ready for an overall performance. It was a bright colourful display from each of the groups.

The sports leaders said, “Our groups were really good and we loved working with all the children. We found the children were really polite and a lot of fun to work with. I really liked working with the children because they had a lot of enthusiasm. We were really impressed with their set of vocabulary when giving answers in the question time.”

The children showed three stages of dancing which ranged from awkward moves set from ‘Gerald Can’t Dance’ to some cool street dance moves. We finished off with some free style moves which of course included the floss. The last part of the session included relaxation where the children learnt some controlled breathing exercises and mindfulness.

And unlike Gerald St Mary’s children CAN dance!