Gymnastics Festival

13th November 2018
On Tuesday 13th November Robin Class took part in a gymnastics festival held at Axe Valley Academy.  The session was run by Axminster Gymnastics Club and Premier Education Group.  At the start of the session, Emma from Axminster Gymnastics Club ran a warm up to some up beat music.  Each school took part in four different activities.  In our first activity we learnt how to jump from one foot to two feet.  The children then climbed onto a horse and jumped onto a trampette and then onto a landing mat.  Emma taught the children how to make body shapes before they jumped and the stop sign with their arms as they landed.  During our next activity the children travelled in different ways along the benches and jumped off the end.  After that we moved onto mats and copied body shape pictures.  In our final activity we practised rolling.  It was a fantastic afternoon and the children had a wonderful time.  Thank you to Hannah Oxley our Axe Valley school sports coordinator for organising the event.  Thank you to the parents who accompanied the children.