Netball Tournament

12th February 2020

During the autumn term we were cursed with a run of bad weather and pool B (of which we were a part of) never got to play their competitive matches.  On Wednesday 12th February we took two teams to Axe Valley to compete in the pool B round robin tournament. Unfortunately the other schools pulled out of the competition so both our teams played matches against the one Kilmington side which had won the pool A round.  Our more experienced team played some good netball but despite dominating the play could not score a goal and lost narrowly. Our younger developing team played really well together but again lost their match. It was fantastic to see how well the pupils worked collaboratively together and how much their skills, knowledge and understanding of the game developed during the matches.  Congratulations to Kilmington who will be representing the Axe Valley at the next round which is the East Devon Finals at the Kings School.