Robins Visit to Magdalen Farm

14th October 2022
We had wonderful visit to Magdalen Farm yesterday. First we set off to feed the hens. We waited in anticipation, crouching down and holding the hen pellets carefully in our hands, before they were let out from the night before. What a surprise they gave us when they all rushed out! The children enjoyed feeding the hens before collecting their eggs. After this we took the eggs to sort them on the Eggonator 3000! (made up name). Next we explored the orchard where we tasted tomatoes and melon cucumbers from the polytunnels, picked apples for the pigs, harvested pumpkins and squash and pulled up beetroot. We even got to pick our own apple off a tree to eat. The children LOVED eating their juicy apples. By this time the children were ready for their lunch which they enjoyed eating. After lunch we washed the apples, core and cut the apples then pressed them in the juicer. All the children tasted the apple juice. It was delicious! Finally we took all the apples we had collected from the orchard and fed them to the pigs. On our way to the pigs we completed an autumn scavenger hunt. What a fantastic day!