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Axminster: St. Mary's

St.Mary's Parish Church

Canon Paul Cummings
The Priest's House, Lyme Road, Axminster EX13 5BE

Tel: (01297) 32135

Service Times:

Sundays: Mass: Sunday 9-00 am
Holydays: Mass: 9.15 am
Weekdays: Mass:10.00 am Friday
Confessions: Sunday 8-30 am until 8-45 am

Seaton: St Augustine 

Manor Road, Seaton, Devon EX12 2AJ

Sevice Times:

Sundays: 5.30pm (vigil)

Holydays: 5.30pm

Weekdays: Mass 10am Wednesday

Confessions: Saturday 5.00-5.15pm

Lyme Regis: Ss Michael and George

Silver Street, Lyme Regis

Service Times:

Sundays:   Mass 11am
Holydays:   Mass 7pm on the preceeding evening
Weekdays: Mass 10am - Tuesday and Thursday
Confessions: 1st Saturday of the month - 11am to 11.30am