School Building and Grounds


At St Mary’s we are fortunate to have a spacious building with a large hall and 6 light and well equipped classrooms. We also have additional rooms for music, a well-resourced library, and areas for ICT and the arts. Many of our classrooms open directly onto outside spaces and the paved area to the rear of the school and our extensive outside spaces are used to extend learning opportunities. 

 As a school we are committed to providing an outdoor environment for our children that will provide stimulating and challenging learning. We have a playground for the Key Stage 1 children and a full size hard court used for P.E. and as a play area for our Key Stage 2 children.  The school grounds are extensive, following the purchase of a one acre field adjacent to the site. Improvements to the landscaping have included a trim trail, a growing area and a wildlife zone. Our Foundation stage classroom now has a covered play area and is currently being developed to give a fun and exciting space for our youngest children.