Exclusion Arrangements

At St Mary's we strive to create an environment in which all children can flourish. 
We see every child as a light of Christ. We seek for each child to feel valued and loved as Jesus taught us :
'Love one another as I have loved you' is at the centre of all of the interactions at St Mary's.
If a child is unable to work with the safe boundaries of our school values and behaviour expectations we would strive to support understanding and strategies to move this forward. We would ensure that parents and multi agency support shaped our work and actions. Always the child's well being would be at the centre of our actions. 
If we are unable to make progress in the short and long term we would consider  exclusion as part of a positive pathway of support. 
Permanent  exclusion would always be a last resort but we do reserve the right to apply this if it is necessary. 
Attached is the Exclusion Policy which embodies the legal framework of actions to manage this process.