Autumn term Overview

Kestrel Class Autumn Term 2022

Our curriculum sheet will give you a summary of your child’s learning at school this term.


The children will be reading and writing in different genres such as classic traditional tales and non-fiction. The focus will be on including specific grammar elements for example using speech punctuation correctly and including expanded noun phrases.


This term the children will be exploring the place value of 3 and 4 digit numbers. We will then move onto addition and subtraction of multiples of 10 then two 4 digit numbers. Times tables are a big focus this year, they will be learning to quickly recall the times and division facts for all their tables up to 12 x 12.


Our topic this term will be exploring plants can be classified into different groups. We will see how different elements of ecosystems work together.



We will be looking in detail at Jesus’s human family and read stories about his ancestors. After half term.


We will be studying the Romans this term. We will be investigating the impact the Romans had on Britain and the legacy the Romans left.


This term we will be looking at Roman buildings and learning how to draw them focusing on perspective, scale and proportion and adding in light and shade.


This term we will be studying a brief history of Western Music and enjoying some singing games before working on songs for the Advent Service and Christmas. Throughout this, we will be thinking about all the dimensions of music; pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and musical notation.


Outdoor games will be with Mr Murnane on a Thursday. On a Friday, Mrs Takazoe will be  gymnastics. The children will be exploring movement and individual and partner balances.


We will be discussing building and keeping friendships this term and how to safely manage friendships online.



This term we will be exploring computer networks and how the internet works.


This term we will be learning to ask and answer simple questions e.g. who is it, or what is it? We will be learning the names of some animals and colours and responding to simple classroom commands.