Catholic Life and Mission

Catholic Life
The Catholic nature of our school, means that we are a school that is called to service. We have a commitment to support every member of our community, with a special calling to support those who are disadvantaged.

Children leave our school with a developing sense of virtue, accepting their responsibility to care for our common home, pursue the common good and serve those in need.

Through the loving example set by Jesus Christ, we show our children the importance of loving and caring for our neighbours. This could be by helping in class, being a good friend on the playground or supporting our wider school community through charity work.


There are so many ways that our children contribute to Catholic life and the mission of St Mary's. 

As a school with a strong focus on Social, Emotional and Mental Health awareness, all children are encouraged to value their individuality as humans made in the likeness of God. 

The Year 4 children are invited to become a Mental Health Ambassador, who will support children in school through assemblies, breaktime support and group activities. 

The school supports a Trauma informed Approach where we aim for our children to be happy, confident and secure in themselves. Through this we support our children by helping them develop secure self-regulation and better understanding of their true selves. 

Our Common Home

"Young People Demand Change." Pope Francis Laudato Si 

Our pupils are passionate about the environment and how they can help to protect Our Common Home. We have regular talks in Friday assemblies from pupils who want to do more to protect their environment and make it a better place. They are inspired by Pope Francis' letter 'Laudto Si' and use his message to form the foundation of their mission in school and to help make a change to our wider world. 

The school has recently created an exciting new playtime provision, with support from fundraising in the school and the local community.

We have upcycled, with help from the Community Shed team, mud kitchens and a variety of other exciting new play opportunities.